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“His style is remarkably fluid with a special emphasis on phrasing… few can match his versatility and precision. He’s one of those “where have you been all my life” players whose musicality can’t be denied. One of those players who elicits remarks like, “Who is that guy and why haven’t I heard this talented player before?”

 -Rick Tvedt, Local Sounds Magazine

Heading 2

"Featuring one of Madison's finest guitarists, Bill Roberts, this group serves up a healthy entree of hot jazz-blues guitar, with side dishes of soulful bass, spicy piano, delicious beats."


"Not only is Bill a guitar virtuoso, but he is also an unusually creative songwriter — a rare combination! This CD compiles some of the finest tunes Bill has composed over the last 30 years, as well as a couple of his favorite blues covers. Backed by a top shelf collection of session musicians, this album is a soulful collection of blues, rock and a dash of country. It will hold your interest from start to finish."

-CD Baby

"Bill Roberts is quite possibly the worst golfer I have ever seen. He slices like nobody's business, and his stance, don't get me started on his stance. Let's just say he leaves a lot of shots in the bushes. Oh, I'm sorry, was this supposed to be music-related?"

-Dallas McGentry, golf instructor

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